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What Is Granule Loss?

Shingles are protected from weather and sunlight by mineral granules. These granules can be lost by shingles for a variety of reasons. Inspect your roof carefully to determine why it is losing granules. KCG Roofing Systems is your commercial roofing expert.

New Roofs

As shingles are made, granules are embedded into asphalt. Some interlock with embedded gravels, but they are not attached to the asphalt. They are most likely to fall off during storms, and you may see excess granules in gutters on new roofs.

Uniform Granule Loss

As your roof ages, the asphalt granules loosen and are carried away by runoff. Low-quality asphalt may be responsible for the premature failure of the granules’ bond.

Long-term hail exposure can cause granules to break down. Hailstones can cause visible and hidden roof problems, such as “bruising” which is caused by excessive granule accumulation. This can lead to emergency roof repairs.

Slope Orientation

Granule loss is more common on slopes that face south- or west, as these slopes are more exposed to the sun and storms.

Different Batches

Because shingles can weather at different rates, it is possible to have problems installing shingles from different batches. You will soon notice that the deterioration rates of shingles can be affected by differences in the composition and thickness of the asphalt mixture.


Flaking is a localized form of delamination that can be caused by impurities in asphalt or manufacturing anomalies.

Foot Traffic

Asphalt shingles are not designed to withstand constant foot traffic. This could cause the granules of asphalt shingles to become loose.

KCG Roofing Systems will inspect your commercial or residential roofing system to identify potential problems.

It is always better to deal with problems early than they become more serious.

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