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Ways To Properly Care For a Pond on Your Property

Do you have a property that has a pond on it, and are wanting to learn more about taking care of your water? Tending a body of water isn’t always a straightforward process. If you have a man-made lake on your land, it’s important to be familiar with how to care for the water so you can get the most out of this aquatic feature.

Keep it Free of Weeds

Ponds and lakes can get weeds just like a lawn or garden can. When these types of species get into your body of water, they can hurt the good plants that you want to keep. If you don’t know the difference between weeds and good plants, then it’s a good idea to consult with a professional who specializes in weed control for lakes. These specialists can identify invasive species that can hurt the other life in your bodies of water.

Keep the Water Clean

Bodies of fresh water on the land need help to stay clean especially if they’re man-made. When water stays stagnant and doesn’t move, bacteria and algae can grow and become a breeding ground for health problems. Ponds and lakes need to stay clean so diseases and bacteria don’t build up. One way to accomplish this is to have an aeration system installed. Like a fish tank, an aeration system keeps the water moving in the pond and adds necessary dissolved oxygen. The oxygen content helps keep harmful bacteria out of the way.

Keep an Eye on Young Children

When you have young children at home, any body of water could be a potential death trap. Small children can drown in only a couple of inches of water. When you have water on your land, it’s important to always watch kids when they’re playing outside. All it takes is a second or two after a child gets in the water for the drowning process to begin. If you are not home or are too busy to watch kids yourself, it’s imperative to have another adult around who can keep an eye on kids playing near the water.

You want to enjoy your property as much as you can. When you have a pond or lake to take care of, following a few steps and staying aware will help you avoid any possible disasters. Your water should help produce an enjoyable experience, and a little extra mindfulness will ensure your family can have fun.