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Top 5 Ways to Design Your Loft Space

Use multi-functional furniture and adequate lighting at night when designing your loft space. You can also use long curtains to create doors, closets, or block doorways to your bathroom. These are just a few of the many ways to use a loft. In addition to furniture, you can also use a spiral staircase or Atelier Belge. If you have an empty loft space above your head or are regularly inspired by downtown St. Louis lofts for sale, nothing seems better than remodeling your loft into a sleeper’s paradise.

Atelier Belge

Atelier Belge’s Loopholes package is an excellent place to start when designing your loft space. The Loopholes package incorporates three core Atelier Belge principles: timeless design, functionality, and personalization. These three principles create a versatile system for complete setups and customization. It is also easily incorporated into almost any loft space.

Loft conversions and apartments often have storage issues. A luxury loft storage system will keep your stuff organized and look great. The Atelier Belge Shelving System is an excellent option for this purpose, as it offers simple yet effective solutions for your storage needs. It also has drawers and neutral storage solutions that can be easily customized.

Spiral Stairs

Spiral stairs are a great way to design your loft space. Spiral staircases are a great way to increase the square footage in your home without adding a complete addition. You can choose from many different styles of spiral stairs to meet your loft design needs. You can choose between traditional and modern styles so the staircase fits with the overall design of your home.

Spiral staircases create a fun and whimsical aesthetic. They often become the focal point of the room. Whether or not you choose this route depends on your taste and style.

Area Rugs

Using area rugs in your loft is an easy way to create different areas. You can use a large rug to cover the entire living or dining room. Concrete floors can be cold so a big rug will add warmth and luxury to the space. A great example of a large rug is the Tiziano by Kaleen, a 9’2″ x 12’6″ rug.

You can also use area rugs to define specific areas of the loft. By placing them strategically, you can create different “rooms.” For example, you can place rugs near the borders of dining and seating areas and where you might want to install walls. By doing this, you can avoid ending up with a cramped, uninviting loft.


Sconces are a great way to add soft lighting and accent furniture. They can also double as task lighting. Sconces on opposite sides of a sofa or table can add a warm glow to the room and help you get your work done more efficiently. If you are decorating a loft, you should make sure that you choose a fixture that will give the space a cohesive look.

While most lofts have tall ceilings, there are many ways to utilize sconces in the room. They can often be pointed at a prominent feature or favorite painting. This will help draw the eye up the wall and make the space look more spacious.

Custom Furniture

To maximize the space in your loft, you must design your furniture to fit the room. This means using scaled-down pieces in large lofts and mixing large and small pieces. Custom furniture can help you achieve this look. It also can be custom-made to fit the dimensions of your loft space.

The structural features of your loft are also handy. Natural alcoves can be converted into reading nooks, and beams can add character to the space. You can hang lights and decor from them to create a more inviting look. You can also take advantage of the chimney for additional shelving. This is an excellent option for a small loft because you can efficiently work around it instead of ripping it out.