Tiles For a Glamorous Looks



Sometimes, all your home needs is a little bit of glamour to give it a new lease of life. Whether it be rich colours or luxurious finishes, glamorous looks are cropping up more and more in interiors thanks to the popularity of maximalism. In bedrooms and lounges, its easy. Some velvet cushions and decorative lighting and you’re halfway there. But what about bathrooms? Well, the best place is to start from the base, which is undeniably your tiles.


A great way of adding some diversity and character to your bathroom or kitchen is to use a mosaic tile. The mixture of colours and textures gives a really classy look to any room, especially when certain colours are used. For a glamorous aesthetic, stick to those golds, blacks and reds. These pigmented colours are full of life with a sophisticated flair. Mosaic tiles are often misunderstood for being difficult and time consuming to install. This simply isn’t the case as you don’t need to apply every small tile individually. Modern mosaic tiles come secured to a mesh backing and sold in sheets. This means you can simply and quickly apply hundreds of mosaics at once with no extra effort compared to a normal tile.

Stone and Marble

If mosaics aren’t your thing and you’re after something a little more rustic, try a marble or stone tile. These luxurious materials really take your bathroom or kitchen up a notch in terms of quality.

Stone floor tiles in particular bring a certain texture and individuality to a floor that no other tile can offer. Similarly, the unique and trademark look of marble screams opulence and can add real value to your home. If the real deal is out of your price range, look instead to effect tiles. These tend to be a ceramic or porcelain tile with a stone or marble effect that gives you the same beautiful look for less.

Metro Tiles

If you’re after a slightly more vintage twist, the metro tile is for you. First rising to popularity in the early 1900s, thanks to its heavy use on the London Underground, the metro tile has a stunning vintage look. Traditionally, the metro tile has a high gloss finish for that beautiful shine. This is really beneficial if you have a smaller room since the finish will bounce light to create the illusion of more space. You may have noticed the metro tile recently as it has made a huge comeback in both residential and commercial properties alike and for good reason. If you’re after a vintage look with a glamorous edge, then your first stop on the line should be with metro tiles.