Sometimes, Even for the Best of Us, Things Go Wrong

Many people give hopeful families who want to build their own home or make significant changes in their existing residence similar advice – “find a reputable contractor with experience.” While this is true, accidents still happen. Sometimes, disaster could have been prevented through the use of different techniques or materials, including additional care and caution. Other situations just happened for no reason at all except for a string of seemingly unrelated coincidences.

At the time of a serious mishap, all any contractor worth their measuring tape wants to do is make the situation disappear, and fast! Not only must the contractor get it cleaned up but staying on schedule remains a top priority. In addition to the extra stress an accident causes, the additional strain of lost materials can cut into profits and even cause losses.

Everyone makes mistakes, and common wisdom indicates that you can see the integrity of a person in how well they recover after a major hassle. The manner in which someone responds to a bad situation also says a lot about a person. Learning from the situation instead of blaming someone or something else goes a long way toward making future incidents less likely to happen.

Several contractors recently responded to a contest about the worst possible, but true, contractor disaster stories. Trimaco published the winner and three runners-up. The winner now uses several protective products, including those made by the same company because the incident in the winning story would never have occurred, had the area been better prepared.

If the contractor you decide on regales you with a tale of disastrous consequences on a previous job, don’t despair. Learning from past mistakes can help ensure your project receives better attention and higher quality work than someone who has never faced the challenges of making things right after such a tragedy.

Besides, breezing through every previous job might mean the chances of a severe problem happening only increases with time. Everyone has accidents. Besides, those who claim never to have had one might not be as truthful as they claim, sadly. This might be a widespread character flaw, or simply because they don’t see the value in admitting to mistakes.

Levels of honesty in contractors is as wide-ranging as it is with everyone else you meet in life. This is why following up on recommendations and checking the validity of licenses and insurance policies becomes crucial when hiring someone to do complicated work for you. While reading about the worst contractor disaster stories might be funny, having such a development during your home’s construction or remodeling won’t have you laughing, at least not for several years.