Roof Insulation When Seasons Change

How can roof insulation reduce heat?

Creating a good air circulation in the house is indeed very meaningful to try. Usually, Moms definitely want to use the arrival window, right? However, not only that, there are other elements that need to be considered in order to make the room always cool. The existence of roof insulation is believed to be able to minimize heat in the house. Insulation is needed to minimize heat. Well, here are the things you should know about the roof heat sink.

Roof Insulation

Understanding Roof Insulation

Roof insulation is the installation of materials to reduce the heat from the roof of the house. This can definitely make the room below it cooler than usual. Not only that, with the use of roof insulation, it is possible to reduce the use of Air Conditioner (AC) so that the house is more energy efficient.

There are many types of roof insulation, but the most widely used is thermal aluminum foil. The working method of this abhan is to reflect infrared light, muffle sounds from outside the house such as raindrops and much more.

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What is the method of installing it?

Roof insulation can be applied by the method of attaching to the top of the roof directly. If at the base of the roof there is another arrangement that protects the room, so you can attach it to that arrangement. Some of the necessary equipment such as wire netting, scissors, glue, the type of roof insulation you choose, and other construction equipment.


The working method of roof insulation is when there is reflection and absorption when the sun’s heat shines on the roof. The sun’s heat will then be absorbed by the roof and transmitted into the room.

Unlike the case if you use roof insulation, he will immediately limit the heat and catch it in a hollow structure. As a result, the room temperature is not too hot and cooler.


Types of Roof Insulation

Aluminum Foil, As mentioned above, aluminum foil is a roof insulation that is very widely sold and used.

This type is a silver patterned sheet. The sheet consists of 2 main structures that work together to reduce heat.

Polyester Roof Insulation, not only used to make a combination of clothing materials, this plastic bottle can be a good heat absorber.

The type that is often used is, R3. 5. This material is very light and comfortable for any area, but the cost is relatively more expensive and the effect can be unsafe for the skin.


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Bubble Foil material, this type has almost the same character and shape as aluminum foil. The difference lies only on the surface in the form of stacked circles.

Glass Wool material, one of the best house roof absorbers is made from fiberglass fibers that are processed in such a way to form an arrangement like wool. Glass wool is often used as a damper in office buildings, music studios, factories and others.


Styrofoam Panel Roof Insulation, although this panel material is made of plastic, it is very effective at absorbing heat. Because, it is made from plastic granules which are compacted after which it is filled again with air. The advantage of this material is that the price is quite affordable so it can save the budget.

Polyurethane Foam material, polyurethane foam is one material that also wants to absorb heat well. This material has a rather dense liquid texture so that it can absorb heat, it is stronger and does not fade easily, whether exposed to heat or cold.