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Pipe Corrosion’s Impacts Water Quality?

You are probably looking for an answer to the simple question: How can pipe corrosion impact water quality? It is a known fact that water pipes corrode. According to reports, there are over a million miles of underground water pipes that require repair. You need to know about the different types of water pipes in order to understand the effects of corrosion on water quality.

Different Water Pipe Types and The Risks

Galvanized steel/iron or PVC, copper, or PEC materials are the main components of most water pipes. The underground water pipes that supply water to your home used to lead before these were invented. Lead was banned as it could contaminate the water it carried. Your water supplier must inform you if your network has lead pipes.

All types of water pipes have one thing in common: they are susceptible to corrosion. There are only two things that differ between water pipes: the rate of corrosion in different materials. We will now discuss the problems each type of waterpipe brings with it.

  • Iron Pipes – These pipes are those that rust over time. As the rust collects the aerators, it can cause serious blockages and contamination.
  • Copper Pipes – Copper pipes can corrode, adding copper particles to water, which can cause it to be unsafe to drink.
  • PVC and PEX – Around 150 contaminants have been found in water that flows through PVC or PEX pipes. These contaminants could cause other health problems. It is not medically confirmed.


We would conclude that no matter what type of water pipes you have, it is wise to install a water filtration system that is safe and effective. Pure Blue H2O is one of many companies that offer high-quality water filter systems. It’s worth a try.

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