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How the Occupancy Count Sensor Make Order and Protects

We live in some highly modern times. You can say that high-tech solutions are no more a thing of the future, but the future is happening right now. Autonomous vehicles, drones, and robots working in warehouses, this is all the reality of 2021.

Some things are still being done by humans, though. Luckily, you’d say, because else you’d be without a job. It’s not just technology that is threatening our jobs, but there’s the Covid-19 virus that caused a world pandemic and made everyone fear for their lives.

In this article, we’re talking more about occupancy sensors. There are some highly modern solutions, like the one from Athena that is not just a counter, but a deeply in-depth computer following everything you do within the company. If you’re not sure how robot counters can make a difference, just keep on reading!

1. Counts exactly how many people are there inside a room

This is a robot. It makes no mistakes. You can see at all times how many people are in a room. If you’re the manager or a CEO of a company, you want to be sure that everyone inside is safe, not just because of humane reasons, but because you want the company to grow. Without safe workers, there’s no company.

The counters installed above doors in rooms will count exactly how many people are going inside and outside providing a clear insight of what’s happening in the company. If some of the workers spend more time in the bathroom than behind their desk, then something’s wrong there.

2. Makes clear analysis

The great thing about this is that it is connected to your smartphone or desktop computer. Everything that the counter finds out will be delivered to you as information. It will also analyze in a weekly or monthly form, and you’ll be free to go through it and make conclusions.

Most managers are not aware of what’s happening inside their companies. They see people coming to work, pressing the button for being present, and that’s about it. Managers have a lot of obligations, and they can’t go from desk to desk and see who is working or not.

3. Helps people stay safe

The best thing about this is safety. The sensors can be installed anywhere. If you have a retail store, you can install one at the front door and place a huge sign that displays how many people are inside and how many of them are allowed. Learn more about safety here.

This is going to keep everyone safe. If there are too many people inside, the door can simply stay shut until someone leaves the premises. This is excellent because the new laws dictate store owners to implement these rules and keep people out until there’s room for everyone inside.

4. Everyone can be aware of the counter situation at all times

One of the cool features of counters is the possibility to install them on more smartphones. The app that everyone can download will be installed and everyone will have access to information.

It may sound funny to some, but you don’t have to go to the bathroom anymore to check if there is someone inside. The counter will display the information and provide it on your smartphone. Cool stuff, right?

5. All doors can be covered

Another cool feature is that more counters can be installed on every door in the company. They can all work together as a single organism. They will combine the information and provide the data you need. Who’s inside which room, and which room has too many people and who needs to be relaxed.

The options are endless with this, and only those who tried it know how cool it is. See more about how AI works on the link:


As you can see, you can’t go wrong by getting one of these for you. Make sure you have enough of them in the offices, though. One at the front door is a great solution, but if you want real results, you need to opt for more of them that will cover at least the crucial offices. Find the best brand for you, and look at the smartphone app regularly.