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Five Common Roof Problems

It’s possible that your roof needs professional inspection if you’re a homeowner. Roofs can become damaged or deteriorated. We will examine the most common causes of roof problems in this article:

  • Roof leaks: A roof leak could pose a serious threat to your roof’s structural integrity. Roof leaks can occur when roofing materials become worn or exceed their life expectancy. This could cause water damage to your roof systems.

  • Heat damage can cause the sealant to wear around your flashing or skylight. Cracks can occur when the sealant is not applied correctly or is exposed to heat.

  • Flashing falling away: Sometimes flashing can fall away after a storm, or after major roofing repairs. This can expose roofing materials to the elements. These areas should be repaired by an experienced technician to prevent them from falling apart or expose your roof.

  • Clogged drains or gutters: If your gutters or drains are blocked, it could cause damage to your roofing materials. It could lead to ongoing leaks and the growth of algae. This can lead to an inability to drain water and may cause problems with foundation cracks or downspouts.

  • Mold growth: As vegetation grows in your gutters and along with your roof shingles, it can cause problems with your roofing materials. This could lead to your roofing materials leaking or deteriorating. Mold growth will cause your roofing materials to continue to deteriorate if this happens.

These top indicators of roofing problems should be identified before they cause major structural problems. You can prevent major roof repairs by paying attention to these common problems

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