Elegant Homes with Ceramic Tiles Patterns

Ceramic tiles are one of the oldest flooring materials since the beginning of time. Their beauty has made various walls and flooring look magnificent making houses feel like homes. People used simple tile patterns to decorate items like the Egyptians tombs, Mexican church floors among other back in the day. Today, there are many different ceramic tiles patterns, shapes, and sizes.

Choosing the right tile pattern for your home requires research and a deeper understanding of the matter. Here are a few details on ceramic tile patterns to help you make the right choice and spend less time on your research.

Straight lay

This is the type of ceramic tiles pattern is usually made in a form of a grid. It involves laying the same color of tile closely together by matching the corners and grouting the intersecting lines. This pattern is commonly used in many houses, as it is easy to install in any structure or space. The straight lay brings out a strong and clean look making the room feel homely and elegant. The pattern well goes together with almost all the style trends available today. Although this is a simple pattern to in any space, it is always important to take time and layout plans before you permanently install the tiles.

Brick or running bond

This is an attractive pattern you can also have in your space. This pattern is best in backspaces, walkways among many more places. The pattern is created when the tiles are lined to create stagger grout lines. The running or brick pattern is perfect for both on the wall and as a wall decoration. This pattern is becoming quite popular in the interior design industry. It is the perfect tile pattern if you want to hide or over imperfections like crooked walls and the likes. In order to have to have the perfect brick pattern look always seek the help of a profession.


This pattern is quite popular especially in Europe among other countries. For hundreds of years, many European homes have been decorated with this beautiful pattern. Herringbone brings elegance and sophistication to any space it is installed. To make the pattern, one needs to align the rectangular tiles in a V-shaped design in a 45-degree angle. This pattern is good for all spaces whether narrow hallway, a small bathroom or sitting area. The DIY installation will not give you the desired outcome for that perfect home but one can use mosaic tiles to get the herringbone pattern.


This is a pattern is good for your space if you desire a sophisticated look. The pattern requires aligning two different color tiles in a straight line or in a dialog design to bring out the look. In the past, people used the black and white color tiles to achieve this pattern. Currently, people are experimenting with different colors depending on their taste and preferences. The design can be used in any room but avoid overusing it in all the spaces In your home. It is the best look for kitchens, living area or bathrooms. When installing the design, you will need first to locate the center of the room and dry lay four tiles on the point. From the central point lay the tiles in a checkerboard pattern all the way to the wall.


This pattern is like crosshatch stitching of woven basket it entails laying rectangular tiles alternating horizontally and vertically on a square block. This pattern has been in use since the 90s with many loving the look it brings to their space. Ceramic tiles are perfect for this look compared to other materials as they bring the flashy gloss to any space you used this pattern.

Before making any ceramic tiles pattern installations, analyze the colors, design, and adjustment surrounding the space. You can always seek professional help if you are not sure which pattern best suits you.