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DIY Bathroom Remodeling Projects to Complete This Weekend

A minor refurbishing to your bathroom can get you high resale value. Hence, whether you own a house to stay in or as an investment, bathroom remodels are something that should be on your home improvement list. Bathroom remodels are usually associated with huge costs. But that’s not always the case.

You don’t have to spend five figures to enhance your bathroom’s elegance. There are several pocket-friendly ideas you can use to improve your bathroom’s grace, and that too within a weekend. So grab the toolbox and get started with these DIY bathroom remodeling projects.

Paint It Up

While applying a coat of paint is not considered a remodel within itself, it can certainly improve the look and feel of your bathroom. Select your color scheme and get the paintbrush in your hand. Going for a neutral color scheme, like beige, white, gray, etc., will be intelligent. They will make the bathroom look cleaner and brighter.

Besides the color scheme, another essential factor is the paint’s quality. Since the paint in your bathroom will be exposed to water and humidity, you need something durable. And you also want it to be easily cleanable when required. The best option you have is marine paints and cleaners. You can imagine the quality and durability because marine paints are used on boats, which are constantly exposed to water.

Bring In the Mirrors

Mirrors are as crucial in the bathrooms as in your bedrooms. The reason for having a big mirror in your bathroom is not just the after-bath makeup. There’s more to it. If placed in the correct position, mirrors can reflect light to make even the smallest bathrooms look spacious. Moreover, they will also brighten everything.

Here are some DIY tips for installing a mirror in your bathroom:

  • You can go as large as you want, but the mirror should at least be enough to show your entire head
  • Get the measurements, dry-fit, stick, and press firmly to install the mirror
  • Center the mirror above the vanity or sink
  • Install lights above the mirror for a source of light for reflection

Layer the Lighting

You can layer the lights in your bathroom to show elegance and make it look well-styled. Your bathroom’s lighting can reflect your personality and impact your mood. Layer the lights according to your requirements, and having a shower will become so much fun.

To layer the lights, you can choose a combination of the antique-styled sconce, different colors, glass shades, etc. This remodeling idea is simple, and you can complete it within a few hours. However, if you don’t have experience working with wires or are uncomfortable, it is best to hire an expert.

Update the Vanity

Vanity is one of the most significant pieces of furniture in your bathroom. Take this opportunity to show your true colors and personality. You can either replace your vanity with a new, elegant one or update it. If you want a pocket-friendly option, you can paint your vanity, update door fixtures, or install wallpaper on the doors.

You can use bold colors to paint your vanity. Navy blue is one of the best choices. Adding a light over your vanity is also another great way to enhance the brightness and clarity of your bathroom.

Add Tiles

Adding tiles or updating existing ones can give your bathroom a complete makeover. Tiles are easy to clean and moisture resistant, making the bathroom less clumsy. You also get endless options from the color and design of tiles to tiling the entire floor or just around the shower.

You can also add creativity and style by selecting different shapes, like subway, honeycomb, diamonds, squares, bricks, etc. You can also go for a prefabricated shower unit, but that can get costly.

Replace Your Old Faucet

Sinks and faucets are the most used items in your bathroom. Hence, you need to keep them in style and updated. Changing the old faucet to something sleek and new can level up the entire bathroom. If you can handle some plumbing work, you can complete this project within a few hours. You might also require experience working with plumbing tools like wrenches, hacksaws, faucet keys, etc.


You might want to take these projects into steps. Although these are some easiest DIY projects, completing everything at once can be challenging. You can create a priority to-do list based on what uplifts your bathroom needs and the budget. While you can complete all of these projects yourself, it is best to hire professional experts if you don’t have the right experience and skills.