How to Find the Right House Painters for Your Next Project

Painting houses, especially if it is up for sale, is one of the finest ways to add more value to the property. According to a survey conducted by the National Research Center, selectively painting main areas of the house like the bathroom and kitchen can add 1% to 3% to the price of the property, while improving the outside of the house including paint repairs can at least add 2% to 5%.

Aside from adding more value, a new paint job can freshen both inside and outside the house and make the space cleaner, inviting, and look brand new. Fresh paint also fares a lot better in listing pictures and will hold old imperfections. If homeowners settle for a cheaper estimate than the usual with a non-proven painting professional or firm, they risk ruining their personal property, endless frustrations, lost investments, and more.

Homeowners need to hire experienced experts who will do excellent jobs and provide high-level customer services. Here are ways how to find painters who will make an old and faded house into a spectacular and gorgeous masterpiece.

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Where to start?

Bad painters can leave poisonous and old paint everywhere for children and pets to come across. Professionals could do sloppy jobs, show up late, ghost the work, or get the colors on the homeowner’s appliance and furniture altogether. The key here is to look for vetted painters who are famous among professionals and people you trust.… Read More

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