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How the Occupancy Count Sensor Make Order and Protects

We live in some highly modern times. You can say that high-tech solutions are no more a thing of the future, but the future is happening right now. Autonomous vehicles, drones, and robots working in warehouses, this is all the reality of 2021.

Some things are still being done by humans, though. Luckily, you’d say, because else you’d be without a job. It’s not just technology that is threatening our jobs, but there’s the Covid-19 virus that caused a world pandemic and made everyone fear for their lives.

In this article, we’re talking more about occupancy sensors. There are some highly modern solutions, like the one from Athena that is not just a counter, but a deeply in-depth computer following everything you do within the company. If you’re not sure how robot counters can make a difference, just keep on reading!

1. Counts exactly how many people are there inside a room

This is a robot. It makes no mistakes. You can see at all times how many people are in a room. If you’re the manager or a CEO of a company, you want to be sure that everyone inside is safe, not just because of humane reasons, but because you want the company to grow. Without safe workers, there’s no company.

The counters installed above doors in rooms will count exactly how many people are going inside and outside providing a clear insight of what’s happening in the company. If some of the workers spend more time in … Read More

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3 Overlooked Building Maintenance Tasks

Buying or renting a building to house a business in is very exciting. Organizing equipment and arranging offices take priority during the move. Once that is done, it is easy to concentrate on the employees, clients and vendors who need daily attention and let other tasks fall to the wayside. However, it is important to make sure the building is maintained properly throughout the year.

1. HVAC System Checks

An important part of any office or warehouse building is the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Depending on the complexity of the system, different schedules may be recommended for maintenance. Look around to find a good HVAC service contract Chicago IL that can come in and make sure everything is working properly. Catching issues before they become large problems can save time and money.

2. Gutter Repair

Water damage is a serious problem that can crop up any building, especially those located within flood zones. Help keep water away from the structure with the use of properly installed gutters. They should be cleaned and checked twice a year, usually in spring and fall. If neglected, icicles can form that may fall and injure someone in the winter, or water will stay near the building and damage the foundation.

3. Sensor Checks

No one wants to think about a disaster happening in the workplace. Keep employees safe by maintaining alarm systems. Smoke and fire alarms can be tied to a sprinkler system for extra safety. They should be checked several times

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