3 Household Cleaning Chores You Might Forget

When cleaning your house or apartment, you might skip over some less obvious things that need attention. Every house has fixtures that need to be cleaned on a regular basis that may go undetected, as they are not immediately noticeable. Read on for three common cleaning chores that you might forget.

Replacing Air Filters

The air conditioner is a vital aspect of your house. Since the air filters that your system use are usually hidden from plain view, forgetting to tend to the HVAC air filter housing units is easy to do. However, if you do not regularly change your air filters every one to two months, the quality of air in your home will decline and your HVAC unit will struggle. Make sure to have air filters on hand at all times so you can easily swap them out on a routine basis.

Cleaning the Walls and Windows

Your walls, windows, and doors are fixtures in your house that you might not realize you should be cleaning often. For windows, clean the dust off of the frames before washing the inside and outside of the windows with cleaner and paper towels. Wipe down your walls, doors, and doorknobs with cleaner and warm water as well. Be sure to include these fixtures anytime you deep clean your house, as they do accumulate germs.

Kitchen Appliances

Your refrigerator, freezer, oven, microwave and any other regularly used appliances in your kitchen should be cleaned often. At least once a month, make sure you set aside time to clean out any appliances that cook or contain food. Many ovens have cleaning features built into them for you to use to make the process easier.

Remember to do deep cleanings of your home on a regular basis. Next time you clean your house, don’t forget to attend to these chores.