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What Type of Fences Will Best Withstand a Hurricane?

People living in hurricane or storm-prone areas should be aware of the significance of having a good quality installed by a professional McKinney fence company. Furthermore, when wind speed reaches 74 miles per hour or above during a storm, it’s common for the fences to rip out of the ground causing severe damage to the buildings. One effective way to secure an individual’s safety is to work with a professional company that understands the unique challenges that come with fence installation. This article enlists different types of fences that can withstand a hurricane or storm.

The Best Fences for Hurricane Season 

  •       Trellis Fencing 

Combining trellis fencing and concrete posts will not only look great, but also, builds a strong wind barrier, and hold up well to high winds. The trellis gaps allow a good amount of wind to come through which further reduces the stress on the fence itself.

  •       Chain Link Fences 

Now that the wind goes through a chain link fence smoothly, it can be easily said that this fence is the sturdiest to withstand a hurricane. Chain link fences set into the soil by a professional McKinney fence company can guarantee a long shelf-life for the fence.

  •       Wire Mesh Fencing

Wire mesh fencing offers great security and is also best for hurricane-prone areas. If a homeowner experiences high winds time and again, wire mesh allows the wind to travel through without ripping it out of the ground, but still acting as a strong windbreak.

  •       Vinyl Fences  

Vinyl or PVC fences are another great options to use in a storm-prone area. The material is durable and sturdy and closes off the yard from the neighborhood providing privacy. Another significant benefit offered by this solid fencing is added protection against high winds and mild flooding, depending on how far down the fence posts are embedded.

Hurricane Proof Fencing Posts

  •       Footers

A traditional method of anchoring posts, now footers are poured using a new way, then the post is anchored by using a special bracket, and the concrete is poured in to prevent the posts to rot.

  •       Anchors

Anchors for posts are essentially long spikes with a bracket. A contractor drives the spike into the soil, insert the posts into the bracket, and secures it with the screws.

  •       Steel Posts

Steel posts are round posts that are used with chain link fences or wooden privacy fences. These posts are rot-free and can last for about 25 years even in the worst soils. In addition, steel posts won’t snap off during high winds.


There are several types of fences that not only provide an aesthetic appeal to the home but also are sturdy enough to withstand hurricanes and storms. Installed by a professional McKinney fence company, these fences are a classic choice in many areas of the country. Concrete posts are perfect to be installed in areas that get very windy. Moreover, different types of posts, like concrete posts, steel posts, footers, and anchors, give any type of fence a lot more stability making it harder for hurricanes or strong winds to pull it down.