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Let’s Follow 7 Methods to Maintain Wooden Furniture!

Maintain Wooden furniture is indeed still the choice of many people to fulfill the furniture at home. But maintaining wooden furniture is definitely not as easy as keeping furniture from iron or plastic. If not cared for properly, then the furniture will be susceptible to fungus, eaten by termites, and easily cracked.

But don’t worry, the Furniture Design Team has put together a Guide to Maintaining Wooden Furniture for you.

Maintain Wooden Furniture

Regularly Rinse Dust

Pay attention to the furniture in your home. Do not leave it when the wood furniture is dusty because it can cause easy porous if not cleaned. To protect the durability of furniture, it is better to sterilize wooden furniture regularly. Rinse wooden furniture using a soft cloth. Avoid using silicone cloths as they can scratch and damage them.

Rinse the Furniture with Wood Cleaning Liquid

When you want to sterilize wooden furniture, you should choose a special wood cleaning soap. This is to ensure that the cleaner is indeed good to use to protect wood. If you use a wood cleaning liquid that is not suitable, then the surface color will easily fade. Use cleaning products 3 times a week to protect furniture so that it always lasts.

Quickly Dry from Water

Drink glasses often leave water spots in the form of circles on the wooden dining table surface. If left unchecked, these spots will remain permanently and interfere with the beauty of the natural wood texture. The method of removing it can be by rubbing a combination of toothpaste and baking soda or a combination of cooking oil and ash with a soft cloth. For small spots, you can simply wipe the mixture with your finger. Another alternative is to burn the candlenut seeds until the oil comes out, then crush them by beating them, then rub them on the spots.

Avoid Furniture from Sunlight

Sunlight coming through the window can interfere with your wooden furniture. Sunlight can fade and destroy the furniture over time.

Take advantage of shoe polish

Use shoe polish to hide cracks in old furniture. Choose the same color as the surface of your furniture. During the rainy season, you should enter the wooden sofa into the house so that it is not exposed to direct water during the rainy season.

Use a brush or brush your teeth for inaccessible parts

Basically, wooden furniture can be cleaned with a cotton cloth only. But sometimes there is dust, dirt, or mildew on wooden furniture that is not lifted properly because it is tucked in between the gaps. Use a small, soft brush or brush your teeth to reach these areas.

Coat it with furniture polish

To protect the wood material so that it is always shiny with the right humidity, don’t forget to add a furniture polishing liquid. This furniture upholstery liquid is available in various types of cleaners, it can be in the form of liquid, oil or lotion. Use a soft cloth to brush and cover the surface of the furniture. You can also repaint wooden furniture that has looked shabby.