JAK Conversion

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Pretty Assistant : Instrument Time had Lisa and her replacement Heidi. Parenting the Husband : Tim could be moderately infantile at times, leading Jill to assist him get to her level so they can be simpler dad and mom. In one episode, Tim and Jill must drive to their pal’s wedding in northern Michigan.

Now and again someone will make a reference to one thing that occurred in a earlier episode, though most of the time it is finished to refer again to something notorious Tim did in the past (the time he dropped a beam on Jill’s automotive and the time he fell into the port-a-potty get introduced up so much).

Carried out intentionally in-universe when Tim shares the primary episode of Tool Time with his audience for an anniversary. Earlier than the function went to Pamela Anderson, the creators wanted the actress Ashley Judd to play the Tool Time woman and one of many creators, Matt Williams cherished her audition.