Kitchen Design Ideas

Elegant and Charming Kitchen Design Inspirations

The interior of the house with an elegant nuance still has a certain place in the hearts of its fans. Likewise for a room like a kitchen, the impression of luxury is often the main feature that the home owner wants to highlight. Even though making an elegant kitchen is not easy, the final result that is intended can be very satisfying as long as you are careful in decorating it. The kitchen zone also doesn’t need to be very broad, the arrangement of furniture and the selection of the right materials, and the accumulation of suitable decorative accents can give an impression of elegance and beauty. Here are some elegant kitchen inspirations with various styles that you can copy.

Classic Style Elegant Kitchen

Classic style is still an option when you want to change the appearance of the interior to be more elegant. If you like the feel of a kitchen that is not only elegant but also elegant, then this idea can be the right choice. Furniture such as kitchen sets, dining tables, dining sofas, and other supporting elements must have a vintage or old school impression.

The material can be in the form of wood, but if you are reluctant to use brown then choose wooden furniture coated with ivory white patterned paint. To make the luxurious impression stand out even more, you can play with the carved details on the gypsum ceiling. Don’t forget to add chandeliers or chandeliers that are also in a classic style, so that the kitchen still looks elegant.

Minimalist Style Elegant

The interior is minimalist in color and looks elegant, for example like in the inspiration above. One of the keys to creating an elegant, minimalist-style kitchen is choosing the right kitchen set. Even though the kitchen area is dominated by white to accentuate the minimalist concept, a kitchen set made of marble, for example, can emphasize the impression of elegance and beauty.

In addition to the kitchen set, you can also be creative with the kitchen floor or ceiling. So that the elegant kitchen doesn’t look boring, you can use the floor or cover the ceiling with wood material. This is intended to produce contrast, because the dominance of white can make a room appear monotonous.

Contemporary Style Elegant Kitchen

Elegant impression does not have to be feminine. The reason is, a masculine contemporary style can also produce a luxurious and expensive look in the kitchen area. People are often mistaken in interpreting contemporary design as modern design. Meanwhile, the two are different. The interior has a more sophisticated, contemporary style, and the materials used are quite diverse. In appearance it is also more striking.

For an elegant, contemporary-style kitchen, you can use a blacker color palette to produce a masculine look. For example, in a kitchen set, instead of using white, you can choose a much blacker color, such as dark or even dark brown. So that the kitchen is not gloomy, don’t forget to balance it with maximum lighting.

Monochrome Elegant

If previously the inspiration for an elegant kitchen was dominated by just one color, so this one is different. Black and white monochrome kitchen produces a balanced look. You can apply it to kitchen sets, cabinets, to mini bars. Like the inspiration above, dark and white colors seem to fill one another so that the kitchen appearance becomes more aesthetic.

How to make the kitchen also highlight the impression of elegance? You can return to using gypsum or marble materials in certain furniture and areas. Or, wearing gold can also be an option. Yes, gold is a color that is close to the impression of luxury and elegance. The use of gold in a room with a monochrome theme can be a brilliant idea, because gold accents can act as a decorative element.

Scandinavian Style Elegant

One of the interior designs that is also in demand today is the Scandinavian style. The characteristic of the Scandinavian concept is a sleek impression and one with nature. The use of wood materials and the dominance of neutral colors are also characteristics of this one style. But can Scandinavian style be applied to elegant kitchens?

Of course you can, as long as you can practice the concept properly. Choose simple furniture, with neutral colors as the main palette. Don’t forget the wood factor, you can apply it to the dining sofa or mini bar. In order to continue to look elegant, you can use marble floors