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Best Kitchen and living room ideas

The most remarkable development in the historical history of kitchens is the circulation of purpose and the location of the kitchen and living room premise in the house arrangement. Kitchens have evolved from a strictly functional area located at the back of the house or beneath all the other rooms on the underground level (whether a large home or an old mansion) to an appealing premise located at the centre of the house composition. Remove wall between kitchen and living room before and after as it  has become a crucial piece of the design arrangement around which people’s everyday lives revolve thanks to technological advancements and intelligent architectural solutions for ventilation and space distribution.

Open Concept Kitchen and Living Room Layouts

This kitchen layout is centred on a single-wall setting that hosts numerous kitchen equipment modules in a linear arrangement, making it the most straightforward and most transparent way to incorporate a cooking nook into the open structure of the house. As a result, the kitchen zone remains a single space with no defined borders between it and the rest of the living space in an open-plan arrangement.

Modern designers are looking for a flexible, colourful, and practical arrangement of the many kitchen components (from the fridge to the sink) in just one straight line of working space to fit the owners’ needs and personal style.

Galley Kitchen Layout

The galley kitchen is another good idea for the kitchen and living room, which gets its name from a ship configuration, is located along the back of the living room and, like a ship’s galley, runs the length of the boat as a hallway. And, because galleries are, by definition, limited spaces, galley kitchens are particularly well suited to tiny homes or difficult locations.

This style of modern kitchen layout is situated in the middle of two parallel benches, is so efficient and easy to traverse through that it is pretty popular as a busy restaurant’s preferred kitchen layout. They are effective for working movements but not so great for social engagement, as they typically lack a dining corner or a sit-and-chat space.

L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

The L-shaped modular kitchen is a standard plan, mainly when the kitchen is adjacent to another day-to-day living space. This practical yet straightforward kitchen design style provides a stunning decor not only for functional cooking but also for social activities in the home, thanks to the open-end connection.

For modest condominiums and luxury cottages, and substantial studio apartments, a unique sense of unity in purpose rooms, kitchen, and living room is essential. Everywhere where the concept of vast space is appealing in and of itself. But, in what circumstances is it preferable to mix the two fundamentally different function rooms?

The following are the most prevalent variations of such a design:

  • A one-room tiny studio apartment with nothing unnecessary on the inside and only the necessities of existence
  • Luxury two-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments, as well as stately homes and country estates. The owners’ taste preferences need for wide-open areas, and freedom of movement are the only factors driving the concept of merging space.
  • Houses with a small kitchen and a large lounge nearby. When it comes to redevelopment, this is probably the most common alternative. The wall is shifting in this scenario, lowering the size of the room while increasing the size of the kitchen. The tiny space serves as a living area – whether a nursery or a bedroom – and the resulting free zone blends the kitchen and living room in a pleasing manner.
  • Combining a kitchen and a living room does not always imply a total merger of styles, materials, and design techniques. On the other hand, we should aim for a balance between two different interiors that naturally flow into one another. As a result, the line separating the kitchen and the rest of the house must be marked in any case. Our rule has a few simple strategies for executing this.

Aquariums, live plants, and screens

Fans of imaginative design can select a fence made of living plants, a narrow and elongated aquarium made of unusual constructions, one-of-a-kind screens, and drapes. If everything is tasteful and made with love and care, everyone, including the homeowners, will be pleased.

If you’re thinking of adding these things to your integrated kitchen and living area, keep in mind that they’ll need to be maintained. Plants, for example, can provide a splash of colour to a room while also filtering toxins from the air, but if not watered regularly, they can become an eyesore.