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6 Methods for Controlling Lights in a Home’s Bedroom

The lighting system in the bedroom is very important considering that this room acts as a room for rest. Poor lighting will obviously affect the quality of sleep for you and your family. The presence of a bedroom lamp does not guarantee the quality of the lighting is good. You always have to think about how to control the lights in the bedroom so that they not only exist but function properly.


Therefore, it is important to pay attention to several things related to the selection and arrangement.

For example choosing what kind of lamp is appropriate to where you want it to be placed so it doesn’t disturb you when you want to close your eyes. All of this can be achieved with the strategy of how to control the lights in the bedroom properly.

Understanding Lighting Systems and Methods of Controlling Lights in the Bedroom

Based on the arrangement of the lights listed in this case the placement on each side of the room, the bedroom lighting system is divided into several parts. Among others:

Modern Lighting System

In the current era, all matters relating to the interior of the house are completely modern. The characteristics of modern design itself vary. But with regards to lighting systems, modern bedrooms carry a simple concept.

Placement of lights is usually in the center and more like a chandelier. Apart from that, this concept is of course supported by modern furniture with straight lines.

Romantic Lighting System

Apart from modern lighting designs, you can also make romantic lighting arrangements for options. What makes it different from modern lighting systems? Romantic lighting prioritizes the placement of lights to create a romantic atmosphere.

The color of the lights that can show the gradation side of the room like orange will make the room feel safe for rest.

Cool Lighting System

Not that the first 2 lighting systems weren’t cool. It’s just that, this model’s lighting system prioritizes hidden light sources. The lamp is usually hidden in the indentation of the chamber or the shape of the lamp is made of a tube with a unique shape.

Besides that, the accumulation of accessories near the unique interior lights that are hung is also another focus. Just try it at your home!

Lighting System for Children’s Room

Especially for a child’s room, you can bring a concept that is different from other rooms. A child’s bedroom is synonymous with various toys that you don’t want to have in your room.

To get a representative child’s bedroom lighting design, you can add a lamp stand. The way to control the lights in a child’s bedroom, can be placed next to the toy shelf or in one corner of the room.

Guidelines and Methods for Controlling Lights in the Bedroom

It means knowing how to properly control the lights in the bedroom, namely to give a nice impression and improve the quality of rest. If it’s wrong to arrange the lights, this will often have an impact on psychological health.

For example, facing sleep problems (can’t sleep), increasing stress and limiting the biological regeneration of body cells.

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various models of lamps with rays that are suitable for minimalist rooms – Narmadi. com/propertiesWell, at this opportunity, I will share some tips on how to control the lights in the bedroom so that the quality of your sleep gets better:

Selection of orange light

To get a safe bedroom feel, you can choose a yellowish patterned lamp. This color will be able to give a relaxed impression, so you can rest in peace after a busy day.

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Selection of energy-saving lamps

Next, make savings efforts, use energy-saving lamps. Avoid using halogen lamps or light bulbs. This type of lamp has an impact on the performance of the air conditioner in the room so that it is less than optimal due to the heat generated.

Select the special lamp recommended for the room. There are quite a number of product variants offered in the market, choose the best.

Give Hidden/Indirect Lamp

In addition to the lights and highlights that are physically visible, adding hidden lights can be an option. Place several indirect lamp points that are placed in hidden areas such as on the headboard of the bed or behind the drop ceiling.

A good placement will create a beautiful beam of light and can create a romantic bedroom atmosphere.

Lights can also be used as a prominent accent. The trick is to place a hidden lamp on the right or left side of the built-in furniture.

The resulting bright and black gradations can make the bedroom more lively and attractive. You can try this method of controlling the lights in a bedroom without worrying about the results not looking good.

Add a dimmer system

As accessories, add a regulator of the seriousness of the light or what is known as a dimmer system. By using a dimmer system, the light in the bedroom can be adjusted and adjusted according to your wishes.

This will be a solution for those of you who have trouble sleeping without lights but also don’t like it when it’s too bright.

Arrange cable tidiness

The lighting system, of course, relies on electricity in the house. Speaking of electricity, of course there are cables. So tips/methods for controlling the lights in the next bedroom are talking about cables. Pay attention to the arrangement of the light cables in your bedroom.

Cables should never be left coiled around the floor or booth as they can become snagged and electrocuted. Not only that, it will reduce the aesthetic value of the room. So, it’s better to be as organized as possible.

Use the lights to emphasize the wall painting

If you have an abstract painting in your bedroom and you want to make it stand out, you can use a spot light. The spotlight can emphasize the painting and make the makeup look more attractive.